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We Know That…

  • You bought the last email marketing software
  • You have the last email marketing training
  • And you even tried to change from Aweber to GetResponse or whatever

But the fact is, that most people doing email marketing are not making any money from their email list or they’re not hitting the full potential of the list they built, if this is your situation, listen closely

How many times have you heard that your subscriber has the value of $1 per month

So if you have a 5,000 subscribers list, you should be doing $5,000 per month.

But are you doing it?

I bet you don’t, because this is the staggering reality of email marketing these days

The good news is that I’m ready to present you a with powerful solution and give you everything you need to make more than $1 per subscriber that you have every month. I’m ready to give you what I discovered, the ‘secret sauce’ that others are keeping away from you.

Hi, my name is Luan Henrique

and I’m doing internet marketing for over three years now. I started a few years ago with a lack of experience, ranking little review sites to the first page of Google and getting commissions promoting affiliate offers on that site.

Then I switched to a real business model, having a product or a service to sell, and starting to build my buyers list.

Every day dreaming that my list goes big to make more money every month.

And I Did It...

I grew my list to over 4,000 proven buyers but the reality shocked me, I was doing little to no money with this list, in fact until March this year, I was making on average $1,500 per month with a list of 4,000+ buyers on it.

This is less than $0.50 per subscriber every month - I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t discover what was, as I did exactly what the gurus told me to do

Then finally something clicked, I tried to do things differently because as they say:

Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again But Expecting Different Results (Albert Einstein)

I changed the way I write my emails, tried different things over and over, when finally something worked for me - I saw some of my emails converting better than others, some emails getting sales and others not.

Then I spent some precious time finding the pattern of these emails that converted into sales and made this work. After a short month, I simply put a pattern that I saw on all these emails to the test and the results shocked me again, in just 30 days I was able to

Make $6,366.96 from the exact same list.

Could you imagine that? From an average of $1,500 per month to $6,366.96.

This Is 4x More Profits From The Same List That I Have; What If You Could Apply This To Your Email Marketing? Could You Imagine The Results?

And that’s the reason I’ve created a helpful solution that will get you the same kind of results, 4X your profits from any list that you have and enable you to finally profit from email marketing in the easiest way possible


This groundbreaking software creates high converting emails that get sales and results with one single click

It’s the world’s first email creator software that works for any niche!

Loaded with premier features that enable you to either sell your own products and services, and also sell email scripts to other people and charge a hefty fee for it!

The Exact Framework That Gets Sales

MailScriptX comes with the exactly framework we use in our businesses to create emails that convert into sales. It’s important to know that this is proven tested, took us months of studying to discover and it’s what works when it comes to email marketing. We use the same framework every day in our businesses and we get sales every single day with it - so you can make sure you’ll get the same kind of results when you invest and get an email created by MailScriptX. Stop struggling getting less than $0.50 cents per subscriber in your list, it’s time to get the real results.

Creates High Converting Emails
in One Click

Imagine being able to answer five simple questions, press a button and have a high converting email written for you - that’s exactly what our software does, you don’t need to know anything about copywriting, just answer simple basic questions about your product or service and have an email written instantly

It Comes With 3 Different Angles For Emails

Every promotion that we do either for our own products or promoting other people’s products, we use these three angles that are tested in the field to maximize sales, you’ll have access to all these angles inside of MailScriptX (New, Price is Rising & Last Chance)

Subject Lines Are Not A Problem

MailScriptX even writes powerful subject lines for your emails, getting the best open rates ever possible - and being sure that your email will get opened by the people that will buy from you

Works For Any Niche

It’s the world’s first email creation software that works for any niche! We have seen everything, templates, software and much more but those are limited to certain niches. MailScriptX is different, it works for any niche! And for any product or service!

It’s All Cloud Based And There’s Nothing To Install

Don’t worry about downloading software on your computer. MailScriptX works for both MAC & PC, and it’s all hosted on the cloud for you, meaning you can access it from any browser you have (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)

Gets 4x More Profits From Any List & Finally Gets You Sales Even If You Never Did One With Email Marketing

We saw on average that people get 4X more results when they use MailScriptX and our amazing framework, so imagine if you have a list of 3,000 subscribers and you're making $1,000 per month. Now, quadruple that, yes, it’s possible and we did it! If you never made a dime from your list, it’s time to get your first sale using the awesome emails created by MailScriptX

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Also, You Can Sell The Emails You Create With Mailscriptx And Charge A Hefty Fee For It

People are taking huge advantage selling email scripts on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and many more, it’s time for you to tap into the gold mine.

You can be a professional copywriter even if you know nothing about copywriting itself, creating high converting swipes and charging a hefty fee for it - our software does all the hard work for you

There you have it! The simple and most powerful solution you can have for your email marketing efforts!

You’re About To Access A Software That Could 4x The Profits Of Any Business And Also Allows You To Launch Your Own Business By Selling Email Marketing Scripts - All With One Click And Zero Effort!!!

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Bonus # 1 - List Building Mojo with Whitelabel Rights

You’ve heard it before, I’m sure of it. That is, “The Money Is In The List.” But what you needing is to build a list before evening thinking of email marketing. So, that’s where this course comes into play.

Bonus # 2 - List Building Catapult with Whitelabel Rights

How Would You Like an Email Marketing Veteran to Show You the Secrets of Catapulting Your List Growth – Even If You Don’t Have a List?

Bonus # 3 - 300+ Email Swipes from Luan Vault

A mammoth collection of email swipes from Luan! All these emails were tested in the field and got the best results ever!

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All the launch week bonuses, commercial rights and 94% OFF!

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Risk Free 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can try MailScriptX for 14 days risk free, if you don’t like it or you feel this is not for you during this period, you can ask for all your money back with no questions asked!

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P.S. Still on the fence? I know it can be intimidating to invest in a new product or to decide if it is for you. But remember, you have no risk - we’re giving you a full 14 day money back guarantee, meaning you can test and see if you like or not!

This is the only software that could 4X your profits with email marketing and finally make your email marketing prosper and flourish, and also allows you to launch a business around email copywriting if you want. So don’t miss out on all the launch week bonus, commercial rights and the cheapest price ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How many emails can I create per month with this?

    A.You can create 120 emails every single month with any of the licenses, which is more than enough for the average entrepreneur and business owner. If you need more than that, take a look at our upgrades after purchase.

  • Q.What is the difference between the Personal License and Commercial License?

    A.With the Personal License you’ll be able to use our app only to your own advantage, creating emails for your own business. Now, the Commercial License enables you to use this software in a commercial way, eg: sell emails to clients, charge a hefty fee for the emails, use the app for your clients, etc. In fact, the Commercial License is way better than personal, so it’s the best deal to get Commercial!

  • Q.Do I need to install something on my computer?

    A.There’s nothing to install, MailScriptX is hosted in the cloud, meaning you can access it from any browser. Eg: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

  • Q.Do you offer support / training for this product?

    A.Yes, you’ll have full access to our premium support and also a quick training showing you how to use the app.

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