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Luan Henrique here and on behalf of the entire MailScriptX team, first, congratulations on your purchase, you made the smart decision and we’re sure that you gonna love your purchases!

Now, before you go and access the software, lemme show you how to get results faster than ever, what to do if you want to start selling email scripts online and a deep understanding about Email Marketing

Introducing…MailScriptX MasterClass Upgrade

With this amazing upgrade we are gonna teach you everything you need to know about email marketing. As we know you want to have more control, options and make more money from your purchase. We know that, and today we’ll deliver it!

MailScriptX MasterClass is a full training that will give you a deep understanding about email marketing and how to sell email scripts online (if you would like to do that too)

Here’s what we cover when you upgrade right now

Framework Breakdown

You’ll have a deeper understanding on why our software framework gives results, and how we created these email templates. After that you’ll be able to create your own templates, giving you more control and options from your email marketing

How to Write Powerful Subject Lines

With MailScriptX you’ll have multiple subject lines that you can use for higher open rates. Now, you may want to stand out from other people that bought MailScriptX - and we’ll give you that option as well, in this video, we are gonna show you how to write powerful subject lines that get great open rates

The best time to send an email and how many emails to send per day

There’s huge doubt in email marketing on how many emails should you send per day and which is the best time to send an email to get most clicks and opens. Here we are gonna show you the best times, and how many times you should send an email per day to your list to achieve the good results we’re getting right now. Knowing that little thing can boost your results up to 3X or more!

How to Create a Good Bonus Package that Gets Sales

Now, if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you need to know this; when you offer more value to people than other affiliates, people buy from you. We’ll break down how to create a good bonus package that will make people salivate to buy from your link over the others!

How to Sell Email Scripts for Huge Profits

As you know, we gave the Commercial License option even for the basic version users, so if you invested in this, it may mean that you want to sell email scripts to other people and charge a hefty fee for it. Now there’s multiple places to list your service and you want to do this right. We are gonna show you the best places to list your service, how to place yourself and how to sell this for profits

MailScriptX MasterClass

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