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MailScriptX PRO

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Unlock these exclusive features when you upgrade to PRO and get 10X more results than basic version users!

Here’s what you get when you upgrade to PRO:

Unlimited Emails per Month

Our basic version users are limited to creating 120 emails per month. With the PRO Version you can create unlimited emails per month, meaning you can make more money, use it for multiple businesses and also if you’re selling scripts, now you can have unlimited potential for profits!

4 Extra Angles/Templates Unlocked

You instantly unlock four extra angles to use in your business. This means you’ll have four more templates (the most powerful ones) at your fingertips, you can use that for multiple promos that you have, to create more emails, meaning you can promote products for a long time period, resulting in more sales for you!

Add up to 3 persons to your account

Want to add your friend, client, virtual assistant or anyone else to use your account in MailScriptX and take care of all your email marketing efforts? Now you can! With the PRO Version you can add up to three persons to your own account. They will have their own username and password, and you can manage them. This is good if you want to sell this to clients for a monthly fee, or if you want your virtual assistant to be creating the emails for you.

Creates Entire Campaigns with One Click

With MailScriptX PRO you can hit one button and create entire campaigns with all the angles we have inside - this will save your time when you need a quick seven day promotion for a product or service. Imagine being able to hit a button and have seven emails created at once with multiple angles that you can quickly paste into your autoresponder and send/schedule for your list!

MailScriptX PRO

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